Archives for July 2018

His Favorite Place

This is my grandson, Asher. He likes to come to my house to get a coke and a snack — which I always give him. The other day my daughter did a little video of him. She asked him, “Where is your favorite place to visit.” I was watching it and since my daughter always tells me how much he likes to come over, and how he always says before his nap that he wants to get up and go to Nana’s house, I knew he was going to say — “Nana’s house!” But, no he did not. He says, “Wegmans.” Wegmans. Not Nana’s house, but a grocery store. In my defense, he did say it was because he liked to see the lobsters and I guess I can’t compete with that. 

The Look

Somebody is not very happy with her brother – – that look!

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