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Our Weekend

I have done so little with the kids this summer that I feel a little bad, but we had a good reason and some things just can’t be helped. But, I decided that this weekend I would get at least a few things at the craft store for the kids as they did have a few things they wanted to do. 
Bethany has wanted to make a birdfeeder and so I found one that she liked and instead of making one she painted one. She picked out her colors and had it painted very quickly. We let it dry for a day before we took it out to hang. 


Andrew and Bethany have been talking about making fairy house doors for the trees in our yard for quite sometime, but we just never got around to figuring out how to do it. On Saturday, Andrew asked me if he could use the jig saw to try to cut out a door for Bethany and Piper and Tess to paint. I let him give it a try. He drew a pattern and then went out on the deck to cut. He actually did a pretty good job considering he had never used the saw before. 
He cut a few out and several of the girls painted them. They actually looked pretty good. 



Tess loved painting them. She was very intent as she painted. They painted the front and the back hoping that the doors won’t rot since they will be outside all winter. 


Andrew even made little doorknobs for the doors. We bought wooden beads and he painted most of them and screwed them on. They made nice little doorknobs.

Everybody wanted to help find the trees to put the doors on so they spent probably an hour or more running around and putting doors on trees and seeing where they looked best. I just followed and took pictures. 





So now we have a bunch of little doors on our trees in the back and front yard and it was something they all enjoyed a lot. They actually look kind of cute when you walk out and look at all the trees. Andrew is really good at trying to do new things. He loved using the saw and making all the doors. He let the girls paint all of them and he spent his time on the deck making several different sizes. Now he and Bethany and Tess are talking about making a fairy house for the yard. It sounds like a pretty big project, but we will see if it actually comes to fruition.








Also, I want to thank everyone again for remembering my son in your prayers. He actually rode his bike to our house yesterday in the early evening. I did have to take him home but at least he felt good enough to ride over. He tries to get out and get some exercise whenever he feels good enough. His nausea and extreme lack of energy seem to come and go, but at least he seemed to have a few good days this week. This coming week is his last week of radiation.

This Past Weekend

I want to thank everyone that has told me they are praying for our son. He continued to feel worse and worse last week and on Monday was admitted to the hospital. He was given fluids and some different meds for nausea and they ran some tests along with another MRI. He started feeling better fairly quickly and came home on Wednesday. He has improved so much and has actually asked me to have coffee with him two days this week. Thank you so much for remembering him in your prayers. 
This past weekend I gave Bethany a small trunk full of doll clothes that had belonged to her older sisters. You know how something new – that isn’t even new – is so exciting. She hadn’t had her dolls out to play with for almost the entire summer, but she ran and got a couple of her dolls and spent an afternoon dressing them in all the different clothes. 
I have always loved dolls so I enjoyed watching her go through all of the clothes and dress each of her dolls. I always feel a little sad when I realize one of my girls has finally outgrown wanting a new doll for Christmas.


The rest of the weekend was spent playing outside almost all day long. Piper and Tess just love to be outside no matter how hot it is. If I tell them I think it is too hot and why don’t they play inside they just say they like “hot”. They spend most of their days out in the yard and riding bikes.







We picked a few flowers from our garden. The kids took a few to church for teachers and we had a few left for us.
Zola had lunch with a couple of friends on Sunday and when she got home she had bought some beautiful flowers for me. It was suppose to be her birthday lunch and she thought of me – – so sweet. 

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