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Strep — Again

So, we had another strep infection go through the house — 5 kids had it this time. At least it was only 5. Usually, almost every kid gets it. This time our pediatrician talked to an infectious disease doctor and a group of them met and discussed what to do. They believe that Tess is a carrier. So, everyone started on medication and Tess was given some extra meds that they thought might take care of the situation. We went back to the doctor after everyone finished their meds — good news is that Tess was negative — finally! Hopefully, we will now all stay well for awhile. 
Sophia has turned 8 years old — in March — and been home for 3 years. 



Dinner at the local shopping center.




Tess still seems to have some special connection to Bella. She plays with her and hugs her and talks to her all the time. Bella loves it — though, all the attention seems to have made Bella a little full of herself. She has always been so good and lately she is pushing the limits.







What We Are Reading

I don’t have many books to list this time as several books we read are just repeats and I won’t list them. It seems we do read a lot of our favorite books over and over. But, we did read a couple of books that I haven’t read in a long time — Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren and Charlotte’s Web by E.B.White. Both books were very enjoyable. The kids especially enjoyed Pippi Longstocking and all the crazy things she did. Even Sarah listened and sometimes I lose her as she will tend to day dream or just kind of zone out when the book isn’t exciting. 
We have a library full of books — basically, our living room that we turned into a library. But, I feel like we need something new and different to read. I have read the same books for so many years and Bethany will listen to the same books over and over if she likes them. She actually requests the same books very frequently. But, I would like to get a few new books to read and since I like old books I guess I need some new “old” books. 
Tess is actually sitting and listening to me read some of the time, though I know she doesn’t understand much. Piper can’t seem to sit still long enough to listen and is probably bored since she understands very little English. But, I am hoping it won’t be long and they will both enjoy reading time. 
My son, Michael, with Piper. She does seem to like him a lot and is especially attentive to him as he plays the piano at our church on Sunday mornings — she points to him and then herself and is basically telling me she wants to play the piano. She does play here at home — banging and banging.

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