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I don’t have many books to list this time as several books we read are just repeats and I won’t list them. It seems we do read a lot of our favorite books over and over. But, we did read a couple of books that I haven’t read in a long time — Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren and Charlotte’s Web by E.B.White. Both books were very enjoyable. The kids especially enjoyed Pippi Longstocking and all the crazy things she did. Even Sarah listened and sometimes I lose her as she will tend to day dream or just kind of zone out when the book isn’t exciting. 
We have a library full of books — basically, our living room that we turned into a library. But, I feel like we need something new and different to read. I have read the same books for so many years and Bethany will listen to the same books over and over if she likes them. She actually requests the same books very frequently. But, I would like to get a few new books to read and since I like old books I guess I need some new “old” books. 
Tess is actually sitting and listening to me read some of the time, though I know she doesn’t understand much. Piper can’t seem to sit still long enough to listen and is probably bored since she understands very little English. But, I am hoping it won’t be long and they will both enjoy reading time. 
My son, Michael, with Piper. She does seem to like him a lot and is especially attentive to him as he plays the piano at our church on Sunday mornings — she points to him and then herself and is basically telling me she wants to play the piano. She does play here at home — banging and banging.


  1. The Boxcar Children? Twig? All-of-a-Kind-Family?

  2. We have read Twig and loved it. We have also read The Boxcar Children, but there are some we haven't read. I have All-of -a -Kind -Family in my library and you just reminded me — I will have to read that soon. Sometimes I forget what I even have so thanks for reminding me.

  3. Meg books are good. Little house on the prairie or the borrowers.

  4. We have read several of the Little House books but not all of them. I had forgotten about The Borrowers– we will have to read that. I loved it as a child. I have never heard of the Meg books. I will have to look for them. Thanks.

  5. I loved All-of-a-Kind-Family when I was a child, and the Betsy books, Henry and Ribsy, etc. Loved Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle too, with all her lessons, but can't remember enough about them now. I was a child a very long time ago!

  6. I think All-of-a-Kind-Family will be one of the next we read. We absolutely love the Betsy books and have read them over and over.

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