What We Are Reading

We slowed down on our reading when we first started back to school, but now we are back to reading everyday. It seems like we have really been into the Betsy books lately, but all the kids love them so we just keep reading them. We finished Snowbound With Betsy a few weeks ago and I think this one was one of the favorites with the kids and I liked it, also. Then we read Betsy’s Winterhouse and now we are almost done with Merry Christmas From Betsy — which is probably my least favorite. I think this is the end of reading Betsy books for now as I think I need a change. But, the kids have thoroughly enjoyed them. Maybe it is almost time to pull out all of our boxes filled with Christmas books and we can start on those. 
A few pictures from the past few weeks. I haven’t really taken many lately.

 There was nothing more enjoyable to me as a child than to have lots of bottles to play with. I remember begging my grandmother to pour the medicine out of her bottles and let me have them to play with — she actually did this for me a few times. Now Bethany loves playing with them almost as much as I did.




 There is nothing Claire likes better than her dolls. She loves them. She dresses them, reads to them and washes them every single day. She will go to her room and spread out 5 or 6 dolls with 10 or 15 outfits and dress them over and over and over.








 Andrew and Bethany playing out in the rain in the early evening.


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