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I just finished reading  Betsy’s Busy Summer to Bethany and to any other kids that happened to sit and listen — usually two or three kids will listen. Even if they were a little old for the book, they still enjoyed it.  Betsy’s Busy Summer was written in 1956. I seem to like reading the older books to my kids and they seem to love them — so it works for all of us. This book is kind of simple and not really exciting — just everyday happenings of a little girl and her friends during the summer. In one chapter, Betsy had a watermelon party with Japanese lanterns strung everywhere and now Bethany thinks we should have a party like that. I even looked on Amazon to see if they carried Japanese lanterns — just in case.  It probably won’t happen, though.  Now we have started Betsy and Billy which was written in 1941 — another old book. 
When we are not reading, Bethany has spent a large part of her summer catching bugs and worms. 

Bella and Sophia continue to grow and blend into our family — things are really going well.  




  1. Love the pictures of the girls. Bella's eyes are amazing!

    I bought a couple of the Betsy books at a library sale…I think I'll go see if I can find them.

  2. Those Betsy books were my favorites when I was little. Was the one you read the one where her father builds her a gazebo? I remember I didn't know what Japanese lanterns were. Those books were so much fun. And guess what my daughter's name is… Betsy. lol

  3. Yes, they did build the gazebo. I think they called it a summer house and it took me a little while to figure out that a summer house was a gazebo. We have really enjoyed all of the Betsy books.

  4. I LOVE the older books! The newest published that we read are Ramona by Beverly Cleary. My firstborn read them all and loved them even more than I did! :o) She'd be 37 this year. I read her a Tree Grows in Brooklyn when she was in Public school in the early 80's. Love, love love older literature! (((HUGS)))

  5. I'm the same way — I love reading the old books to my kids.

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