A Court Date!!!

We got a court date! It is November 20th and we don’t have to give the judge any additional paperwork. I couldn’t believe it when I opened my email this morning and saw in the subject “court date.” Finally! Now I feel like it is really going to happen. The girls are actually going to be ours. I need to start getting everything  ready for them — their beds together, a chest in their room, go through all the clothes I have bought them and organize them and put them in drawers, hang a couple of pictures on their wall, etc. I have decided to put Bella and Allysen in the same room. I have thought of every different way to have the bedrooms and finally decided I would have them share a small bedroom together. If it doesn’t work out, then I will just rearrange. 
I have another updated picture of Bella but none of Allysen. I haven’t heard much about Allysen since we left her orphanage. I am hoping she is doing ok. We definitely want to get her to a doctor quickly when she gets here to be assessed. My pediatrician thinks that she has possibly had a stroke and the cardiologist Sarah and Claire go to agrees –  from the information we have and what I told him from our visit with her.  It won’t be long now.



  1. Sharon, we have the same court date!!! So happy you finally have a court date! Congratulations-soon you will be bringing your babies home 🙂

  2. I am just so glad we finally hve a date. I guess our little ones will be coming home around the same time or at least within a couple of weeks of each other — depending on how things go after court.

  3. OH I'M SO SO HAPPY! I heard NOTHING about Anya between our first visit and her homecoming either. I got the impression I would but I wonder if that orphanage just isn't that good about updates. I will wait anxiously for news on the 20th!

  4. Congratulations! I'm so happy for you.

  5. Hoorah! At last!

  6. I tried to comment last night but my computer got fussy 🙁
    But….CONGRATULATIONS!! I am SO happy for you! The wait has been too too long! I hope you will get to travel shortly after. We are still waiting on a travel date but a family who had court one day before us and has a different lawyer does already have her travel date set for next week…we were told we won't even hear until next week (ugh!).

    Bella is precious as always!

  7. Hope you get your date soon. At least she will be here for Christmas. At this point, I'm just glad to have a court date. I do find myself occasionally thinking that if we had not waited sooo long for that signature , our girls would almost be here.

  8. The signature delays were even crazy for us but for you guys it was absolutely ridiculous! I keep trying to remind myself that God's timing is perfect…maybe she's not ready for us to come yet or who knows. Still, it's not easy to be patient when so close to the finish line.

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