Article 5 Letter and Fairy Jars

Good news on Friday  — we got our Article 5 letter. Now we just have to wait for a signature from the MOJ and then wait for a court date. It finally feels like it is really going to happen. I am so excited! It would be so wonderful if the girls were here before Thanksgiving but I really have no idea how long it will take to get a court date. 
The other night we decided to make “fairy jars”. My daughter, Emily, found this idea on Pinterest and thought it would be a fun project for the kids. So we got the jars, glow sticks, and glitter and made them right before dark on Monday evening. It was actually a lot of fun and they turned out pretty nice. I had read some articles on different sites that said it would not work and that it was really just altered images in Photoshop. Ours worked quite well. They were not magical or anything like that, but cute and they did glow for quite awhile. The yellow one was still glowing a little the next morning. They definitely need to be made in the evening to get the full effect  — a bright glow. The darker it got the better they looked. The kids really enjoyed holding their jars in a dark room. I think we are going to make them again soon since this was a hit. 
The glowing in these pictures is exactly what they looked like — no Photoshop done. 





  1. Those are really neat-I've never heard of doing that before!

    Congratulations on getting your Article 5! We are praying that the minister will sign things quickly and that we'll both get a quick court date with an easy judge and quick travel dates!

  2. They are really easy to make but it does take adult supervision. The kids couldn't cut the tops off the glow sticks as it is kind of hard. But,they really loved the glow in the jars and sat on the porch in the dark for a long time looking at them.

  3. Congratulations!!! So excited for you!! I bet the fact that we've been waiting weeks for the MOJ to get back to work, we will be back on the same schedule come September. Maybe we will travel at the same time again!!

    The jars are WAY cool, my littles would LOVE that. I'm totally stealing that idea :))

  4. Hey, you're right — maybe we will travel again at the same time. That would be nice.

  5. Mom and I think those are so cute! Looks like a fun summer project:)

  6. Robyn, you should try making one — it was actually rather fun and your mom knows I'm not a crafty person.

  7. i love these jars! I have to make some with my kids. How long did they last? It would be really cool for a dance performance sometime. But I would have to use plastic jars….wonder if that would work?

  8. Kim, I am not sure how long they actually glowed as we made ours in the early evening and they were still glowing when we went to bed. One was actually still glowing early the next morning — but only one. I guess plastic would work — definitely safer for a dance performance. I can't think of a reason you couldn't use plastic — it is only a glow stick and glitter in each jar.

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