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  1. OK I am cracking up. Since we were just there you know Little Miss Busy Pants is over there going "Awesome…these people who speak weird words keep coming with bags full of fun stuff. I wonder what this one brought me!" Allysen is looking precious as usual! So I'm curious….is that your daughter or you?

  2. Yes, she definitely was interested in everything we brought and what I had in my bag. She couldn't stay away. That is my daughter Emily in the video. She will be 23 in a little over a week.

  3. I know, I know. My husband is always trying to get me in the pictures but I hate to have my picture taken. Maybe if I was as young and attractive as Emily I would agree to be in the pics more often. I do sometimes think that I will regret it one day when I have hardly any pictures of me with my kids.

  4. She is beautiful, as is the rest of your family. So where are the pictures of you?! 🙂

  5. Sharon, Yes, please do take lots of pictures of you with the kids, even if you don't ever share them with us or even with the kids now. My parents both passed away relatively young. I have less than five pictures of my dad (who also hated having his picture taken) and really, really, really wish I had more of my mom from when we were younger and before she became ill. I have a bunch from when she went downhill in her last few years and it's so hard for my kids to understand that she did not look like that for 98% of her adult life.

    Sue H.

  6. Sue, I know you are right and you have a point — I don't have to share them with everybody if I don't want to. I occasionally do think that when I pass away my kids will have almost no pictures of me to show their kids and grandkids. I guess these comments have given me something to think about.

  7. I am so grateful for this blog! I have really gained an enormous love for the little ones in EE.
    I do have a question: Your girls are from different areas…How does that work? Are you paying for two seperate adoptions and only combining the travel costs? Do you have the restrictions of only adopting one per area? Or are they both in an area where adopting multiples is possible? Does the agency coordinate the visits and court dates so they are at the same time, or will you possibly have to make multiple trips?
    I have two little ones I want in two seperate areas, but can't get started with the process until we get private insurance, so I don't want to bug an agency just yet.
    Thanks, Kim

  8. Kim, Our girls are from different areas but it doesn't make the cost double. We actually only paid a small fee for adopting the second child ( a few thousand dollars ) as both of our girls are with the same agency.Both children would need to be with the same agency to pay the lower fee for the second child. Our agency did coordinate the visits and worked it out that we would visit the girls back to back. They always do that from what I understand. We will also only make one trip back to pick them both up. We were told we would fly into EE and then the next day drive to Allysen's area. Spend the night and then pick her up the next morning then immediately drive back to the capitol. Then the next day drive to Bella's area and pick her up and drive back to the capitol the same day. Then do all the running around for both girls in the city which takes several days. Again, both children would need to be listed with the same agency for all of this coordination to take place. You can usually adopt two children from the same orphanage (depending on the region and country)and you could ask your agency about the cost for the additional child — probably similar to ours but maybe less. Are both of the children you are interested in listed with the same agency? That would make big difference. Otherwise, you would be paying two different agency fees.

  9. Thanks for your reply!
    I found both children through RR so I don't know yet what agency is in charge of what child. We are still awaiting a job change before we can even begin the process. For now, we just pray for them and try to understand the process through others who blog about their experiences.
    Your blogging and photos are wonderful and soooo needed!
    Thanks again, Kim

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