Biometrics Done!

Yesterday we drove to Norfolk and had our fingerprints done for our I800A. Our appointment wasn’t until the end of March, so we weren’t sure if they would turn us away, or let us go ahead and get them done early. Success! We walked in at 11:30 AM, and we were back on the road again at 12:00 Noon. Now, we just wait for approval.

Other news for our family – – Our son, John, came home this weekend for a short visit before his deployment to Afghanistan. So, we all went to church together on Sunday. As I sat in church, I looked at all of our children and realized how blessed we truly are. It was a beautiful sight to see our adult children and our younger children all worshiping together.

After church, we went out for lunch and fellowship with friends and family. It was a wonderful day and we were so glad to get to see John before he leaves. Here are a few pictures from the weekend.



  1. Sharon,

    I came to your blog from RR some time ago and love the updates. You have such a beautiful family. Today I learned you have an older son too! How many children do you have!? They look like such an amazing group. If they follow your example, I'm sure they will all do wonderful things as adults. I'd love to hear some tips on how you keep such a large family organized and functioning.

    Sue H.

  2. Sue, We actually have 8 adult children that have moved out. It may seem strange to some people that we have married children and a 5 year old at home. We have one in college full time, one in college part time and one finishing her second year of medical school. Of course, one son is in the Marines and then we have a daughter living in Tampa, and the rest live pretty close to us. I love having children and helping children that
    the world sees as unlovable. My older children are very supportive of our adoptions and I am very thankful for that.

  3. Sharon,

    That's wonderful. It's so encouraging to know that families like yours exist. Your pictures are so beautiful they almost look like they are out of a movie. I don't know you, but I'm so proud of you! As a fellow mom, I am encouraged by your example to do more to help the children that have been discarded.

    Sue H.

  4. Thanks so much, Sue. In reality, I feel I am the one that has been blessed by the opportunity to take care of each one of my children. I feel grateful to be able to adopt Bella and Allysen from a country that does not have a problem with large families.

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