1st Fund Raiser

I’m not very good at this fund raising thing. I read other adoption blogs to see how they are raising money, and sometimes feel like I’m just inadequate in this area. I was talking to a friend the other day about this, and she had a few suggestions. The first one was for my daughter to play the harp somewhere, and have pictures of Bella and Allysen displayed with a small note telling a little about them. She thought maybe we would get a few donations doing this. So, my daughter, Abigail, called Libbie Market here in Richmond and asked if she and a couple of friends could play the harp there. The manager was so nice and suggested Valentine’s Day. So, yesterday Abigail and two friends, Emma and Steffi, played their harps at Libbie Market in the cafe´. 

We talked to quite a few people about Bella and Allysen and adoption. Everyone was so encouraging and the manager even asked them back to play on Mother’s Day. At the end of the afternoon, they had raised $145.00 and had fun doing it.

Thanks so much to Libbie Market for making this possible and for being so accommodating. Also, thanks to Linda for the idea — and of course Abigail, Emma and Steffi.



  1. That's great!

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