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Pumpkin Painting

This year we decided to have a pumpkin painting and not a carving – with so many kids that need help carving it is just easier to paint. So I got a bunch of paint and brushes and plenty of food and I think the kids had a great time. Zola painted faces for me and there was always someone waiting to get their face painted. It was a nice afternoon with family and food and beautiful weather – a great way to celebrate autumn. I took a lot of pictures and since I would like to include most people I think I will post some today and tomorrow. It was a beautiful day with family.

I took this last picture of Shep and his dad in the dark hall. Shep is my youngest grandchild – 5 months old. He sat with me in church today and actually slept for about 40 minutes. He was so good. I love it when I am surrounded by family on Sunday mornings.


We are so enjoying these fall days. The kids are outside a lot because the weather is so nice. We have actually had a cooler fall this year, but I am enjoying it very much. We made our first chili of the fall and it turned out pretty good. Tess said not quite spicy enough so I will have to see about a few changes this week when we make it again.

We are still working on a few projects around the house. Our utility room had to trump Bethany’s and Tess’s bedroom as it had a leak at the door and we had to replace some flooring. That was definitely more important than painting a bedroom as it was going to cause some problems if not done soon. Joey actually did all the work and will be back tomorrow to put down a new floor. Thank goodness, as we haven’t had a washer or dryer for several days and we do laundry every single day.

Next we will get the girls’ bedroom painted and then the carpet out and a new floor, along with curtains, new beds and probably a new bookcase. I really want this done soon and I’m hoping it can be done within another couple of weeks. Bethany and Tess are already talking about how they want to decorate for Christmas – mostly, whether they want a tree with clear lights this year or multicolored. It may sound like they are really planning too early, but in reality it is almost November. And planning is a lot of the fun.

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