Our Fall Morning

This morning started off a beautiful fall day – though many might not think a rainy, windy day is beautiful. We were sitting in the family room watching the colorful leaves blow all around like rain and then the rain came and Bethany said it was a perfect, cozy day to read and have a fire. So, we got out our book Meet the Austins by Madeleine L’Engle and sat by the fire and read for several hours. It was a wonderful morning and we had such a lovely time reading and reading. It was one of those mornings that just seemed perfect. 
Then we decided to make the Maple Syrup Fudge we were supposed to make for our literature study and had not gotten around to doing. Tess was thrilled as she had asked several times and we just had not seemed to have the time. The kids enjoyed mixing and cooking it and I think they mainly wanted to eat it. I have to say that it was definitely a flop. It never got hard and it really looked rather disgusting to me. We waited an hour and it was still pretty soft, but the kids still wanted to try it out and they claimed it was really good even though they ate it with a spoon. I guess we definitely need some practice making this – if we ever try it again. 
While we were making the fudge the rain suddenly changed into a beautiful snow. It was so pretty while it lasted. It was such a wonderful morning. 

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