Moving Into Fall

Today was a little too warm and muggy for me, but by early evening it was really nice. The kind of weather that makes me want to sit on my front porch and watch the kids run around and play and yell and ask me to watch them like a hundred times. To celebrate moving into fall I bought pumpkin pie ice cream and let everyone try a cone of it — well, Claire had a gluten free cupcake instead. Pretty much everyone liked it except Sarah — who would not even give it a try and I knew she wouldn’t. She’s just like that. 

Then I made tacos and everyone wanted to eat on the porch since it was so nice. So, we did. Luke was still here for dinner and he loved his taco – though he doesn’t look like he does. Usually Evelyn and Liam are here to eat dinner almost every night, but they are in Washington right now and I rather miss them running in every evening asking if they can have whatever my kids are eating. 



Piper has finally mastered jumping rope after two years of working on it. I was starting to think that she just wasn’t going to be able to do it and then all of a sudden she yelled for me to look and she jumped 20 times straight. She was so proud. I was, too. She never gave up. There were so many times she would jump once or maybe even twice, but couldn’t seem to get the hang of it. She’s got it now. 

I definitely have a reader here. Tess has really taken off reading lately. Today it seemed like every single time I looked she was somewhere reading. I’m so glad she has learned to enjoy reading as it has always given me such pleasure. She lost a tooth a few weeks ago and I got her a new book as that’s what we do when a child loses a tooth. She has loved her book. 
Bethany spends a lot of time drawing. She has a lot of time that she has to just sit because of her vest treatments, and that has lead to a lot of drawing and reading and now she is working on a fall puzzle. She is excited about this puzzle and is spending most of her vest time working on it. It helps to make the time go faster. 
In just a little over a month Luke is going to become a big brother. Not sure how he feels about that but he does like baby Finn a lot so hopefully he will be excited about a new baby brother. 

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