The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas – Day 23

Today we gave our Christmas jar away. Every year we put out a large Mason jar sometime the beginning of November, and start dropping our change and bills into. When we buy something and get change we put it in the jar. When we have a few extra dollar bills in our pocket we put them in the jar. Sometimes we just drop in a $5 or $10 bill or even $20 if we feel generous. It slowly fills up and then sometime before Christmas we give it to somebody. So, today was the day to give the jar away and it was nice and full – and heavy. 
There is a woman we pass frequently on the corner not far from where we shop. She holds a sign that says she has three children and is out of work. She is very friendly and always waves to us. She is the one that we felt led to give our jar to this year. She was so extremely thankful and nice and I think it is so good for the kids to realize we need to think about people besides ourselves – it isn’t alway about us. Everybody felt really good after giving the jar away and this is a tradition that we will continue for years to come. 
Granddaughter, Evelyn, visiting from Washington. She won’t be here much longer and we have enjoyed seeing her and her brother — and their dad, of course. Sad part is, with all the sickness, we have had limited time together. 


  1. awwwww, she is the cutest thing ever :))))))

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