The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas – Day 8

Today Andrew made the molds for one of the chocolate houses that we will decorate. He said it was Sarah’s house. I’m not sure this counts as our “special thing” since Andrew did everything himself and just a few kids watched. But, I still thought it kind of did, so I mentioned it. 
The molds actually looked really nice and after he made all of them he put the house together. He then put it in a little fridge we have to keep it nice until Sarah decorates it. I think he wanted to practice on hers and now he will do his. We will decorate all of them on the day we go see Santa.
So, I guess the special thing we did today, that everyone was involved in, was that we got another bucket of Christmas books out of the attic. We probably have five or six buckets of all kinds of Christmas books and we usually bring them down all at once. This year I decided instead of bringing down tons of books all at the same time we would do a bucket or two at a time and when I say bucket I mean a large storage bucket. It has been nice to bring down one or two buckets at a time. That way we can go through the books and organize them easier and spend some time just looking at those few books – it isn’t really a few, but at least not an entire floor covered. So, we filled some baskets and the kids spent some time looking at all their favorites. Then we picked a new chapter book to read together. 




  1. I love that you guys read so many books. The Light of Christmas is one of my favorite ones, as I love Richard Paul Evans as an author.

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