The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas – Day 6

Today, we hung the ornaments we decorated yesterday on the kitchen tree – small but counts. I think we are going to try to buy another box as we definitely need more on the tree and I like the idea of cookies on our kitchen tree.
Then we decided to make popcorn and cranberry chains to decorate the tree outside for the birds and whatever animals find it — usually squirrels. We popped some popcorn and got out the cranberries and the thread and needles and just about everybody helped — not Bella or Sophia. The kids were better and faster at it this year and they got quite a few strings done. Now we just have to make the peanut butter pinecones sprinkled with birdseed and then hang it all on a tree. It was a dark and rainy day here all day long so we couldn’t go out to put anything on the tree. But, I think our special thing for today was a success as everyone seemed to love doing it. Sarah even worked extra hard at stringing and she usually hates anything that involves fine motor skills. 
Well, this one broke while he was showing it off to me. It was two pieces tied together. I even caught the picture.
So, we have actually made it to day 6.

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