Getting Ready For Christmas

We have spent the past week or so getting out our Christmas decorations and putting some of them up. I think we are a little behind as we don’t even have our big tree decorated yet — just lights and beads so far. But, we have put up a few cottages and some little things around the house. It has actually been rather fun and stress free. I said this year I would not stress everything too much and I haven’t — except trying to get all the gifts I need to buy. I just can’t seem to get everything bought early. 
Bethany put a tree in her room and did a really good job of putting the lights and ornaments on it.
Andrew seems to really like to help take things out of the attic and unpack them. He is always ready to run and get a box or two out of the shed or attic for me. He also enjoyed getting out all of the cottages and looking at them. I have had kids for the past 20 to 25 years that have loved to play with these Christmas cottages.

We found a place for a few of them in our family room and then Zola set some up in the library. 

Bella is just loving all of the fun things that seem to be going on. This is her third Christmas here.


I talked to our social worker at our agency today and she said that they are working on our trip to China now — trying to shorten it a little, if possible, as I hate to leave Bethany for so long when she has so many treatments to do and a pretty stringent regiment. But, if necessary, we will be there for three weeks. We have family and friends to help.



We are expecting TA in the next week or two. Our worker said today that it shouldn’t be too much longer. So, as soon as Christmas is over we will start preparing for our trip to China. But, for now I will enjoy this season with my children.







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