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School Today

Today we added some art to our school day. We read a book on an artist and the many beautiful colors there are – learning many color names the kids had never heard of. Then they all took some time to paint and mix colors together to make their own pieces of art. Bethany used her soft pastels instead of paint to mix and make her picture.They all had such a great time and we ended up spending a lot more time than I meant to doing this. But, it was worth it and we ended up having such a nice school day and learning some new things about colors, mixing, and jobs artists can have. We even had time for all our other subjects before the day was over. It was a good day. 









I have always disliked the months of January and February very much – just too cold and messy. This January has been a fairly pleasant month and it has seemed to go by quickly. Now, if February can do the same it would be great. We have read a lot this month and spent a lot of time on art and small projects and that has also made the month seem to go by fast. Bethany and Tess are getting ready to make the rag rugs that we read about in The Long Winter. I bought a craft book and a sewing book to go along with the series and there are some really nice projects we will be working on. Most of the kids love to do the projects and especially love it if we have some recipes we also make. 
I took this picture of Evelyn and Claire on Saturday. Evelyn said she was fixing Claire’s hair for Sunday morning. 

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