The Kite

We started our first week of school and it has gone very well – we do tend to start off slowly. The kids have really started to love history lately and we have really enjoyed learning and doing projects together. 
This week Bethany decided she wanted to build another dollhouse – she had been looking though our blog and saw all the pictures of the one she made years ago out of cardboard. It is fun looking back and remembering. Even I like to do that, sometimes. Anyway, she didn’t have enough cardboard yesterday so being Bethany and wanting to do some project she decided to make a kite. She took some of the material she had bought to make doll clothes and dresses for the kids and cut it for a kite. She then took our s’mores sticks and used them and it turned out pretty nice. I think she has the most fun just making things – not playing with them. The fun is in the project for her. 
She took it out to fly and there was not much of a breeze, but it did fly fairly well. Maybe when we actually get some wind it will really fly high. All the kids enjoyed watching and running with her. After a short time of flying she came in to make one for Tess so that is in the works now. 

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