Falling Behind

I feel like I have been falling behind getting things posted lately. I forgot to post what we were reading and our mark-my-time and all the little things I try to post so we will remember them. I’m going to skip the books we read in October ,but we did read 44 hours and 11 minutes for the month. We then reset the mark-my-time and have started over for November. We are kind of ready to read a few Christmas books, but are holding off a little longer. But, I am thinking of getting our Christmas books out of the attic soon or at least one box of them. 
Also, I wanted to mention that on October 31 my son, Joey,  had his MRI and the tumor is stable. Again, very good news for this season leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas. I am so happy. Please continue to remember him in your prayers. 
Today Bella got her flu shot and since we were in the store I promised her she could pick a snack. She first picked a candy bar, then changed that when she saw the honey buns. She started to trade the honey bun for some chips but changed her mind very quickly. So, she came home with a honey bun and was pretty happy with her choice. 

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