MRI Results

Joey had his MRI today and then saw his doctor and got the results. The tumor is stable. No change. No growth. We would love to have some shrinkage, but as I always say – stable is good. I am happy. Thank you so much for all of your prayers. 
I stopped by to see him, Shannon and the kids this evening. Joey was tired but we talked a few minutes. The day seemed to wear him out. Exhaustion seems to be a real problem for him. But, other than that he said he felt ok. 
I took a few pictures of the kids right before I left. Joshua was pretty much looking down most of the time. I guess he is just a busy boy.
Madelyn found a worm . 
Then Joshua started looking for one. They were both looking as I was getting ready to leave. I love Joshua’s red hair. His dad was a blond when he was little. Maybe Shannon was a red head.



  1. So happy to hear that the tumor is stable. That's such wonderful news! I'm not surprised that he is so tired. Physically, mentally and emotionally, these things are such a roller coaster ride! I will keep praying for him.

  2. Thank you so much. Your prayers are very appreciated.

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