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Today Piper somehow managed to take a piece of paper and slice it across her cornea during Sunday school. She told me her eye hurt and had a wet paper towel on it and I figured she had somehow hit it on something. When I asked what happened she just said she hurt it. Later I got out of her that she somehow slid a piece of paper across her eye. We went into the worship service and I realized it obviously was hurting a lot and she started crying so we left and went to the ER. They numbed her eye and put dye in and showed me the little slice across her cornea. We got antibiotic ointment and Motrin and headed home. She has to see the ophthalmologist tomorrow. 
This evening we went out and got pizza and sat outside at some tables on the sidewalk. The kids loved it and it was a nice evening. We left there and got ice cream and went home and read together. We are finishing up a book and they wanted to hear the ending. It was just a nice quiet summer evening. 
I love to see Bethany and Tess together. They have become such good friends. They are together all the time playing and talking and laughing. Tess has only been here three years, but you would think they had been sisters since birth. As soon as we got to the pizza place they were off together watching the ducks and calling them and then later feeding them. I love this picture of them. 


Summer afternoon – summer
afternoon; to me those have
always been the two most
beautiful words in the 
English language. 
Henry James





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