Lazy Summer

When I asked one of my daughters what she wanted to do this summer she said she wanted to do absolutely nothing. I understand why she said this as it seems like we are so busy so much of the time  — OT, PT, speech, dance, harp lessons, harp ensemble, performing at many different venues, etc. So, we are trying to just slow down and not do too much this summer – just spend time together and enjoy family — no music lessons, dance or any organized activities. We will have to continue with our therapies, though. 
I’ve been reading to the kids right much. Bethany has enjoyed me reading Betsy-TacyBetsy-Tacy and Tib, and B Is For Betsy in the past couple of weeks. We are now starting Betsy and Billy. I do enjoy reading some of the books I read and enjoyed as a child to the kids — brings back memories. 

Claire had eye surgery last week and I am so hoping her eyes will stay straight. She has had botox several times without much success. We have changed eye doctors and this doctor said that surgery was the answer. Our last doctor disagreed. Anyway, for now her eyes look pretty good. 

My daughter, Emily, is home from school and helps me several days a week — cleaning, making dinner or taking some of the kids out. It is so wonderful to have someone else make dinner and help give baths a couple of times a week. I could really get use to this!
Sarah had a birthday and got a new bike — an adult three wheeler. I agonized over this —  should I get the three wheel bike that I knew she would enjoy and ride easily or get the two wheel bike and continue trying to teach her to ride. She isn’t very brave when it comes to bikes. I felt like I was giving up if I didn’t get the two wheeler and that I was probably holding her back from learning something she needed to learn — to ride a two wheel bike. Finally I just decided to stop worrying and get her something I knew she could enjoy right now and get some needed exercise. She absolutely loves it! She wants to ride it almost everyday and I’m glad I just stopped analyzing it so much and got it for her — she can still learn to ride a two wheeled bike later if she wants to. 
Sophia has been determined to NOT stand up again. She hasn’t tried once since Father’s Day. Even if we try to help her, she refuses. I’m almost having a hard time believing she actually did it at all, but I do have pictures to prove it. I guess she will try again one day when she feels like it. She is still making progress but very slowly. I guess things can take a long time when you wait five years for a family. 



  1. I haven't commented in a while but…still read, still marvel at the pictures, still love seeing your happy and beautiful girls, still love your blog!


  2. Oksana is having eye surgery in August. How was it? I'm a bit nervous about it!

  3. Erin, Claire did pretty well after a few hours. But, when she first came out of surgery she cried a lot that her eyes hurt and she wanted to rub and rub them. I actually had to call my oldest daughter to bring my 16 year old over to the surgery center so she could ride home with me and keep Claire from rubbing and rubbing her eyes — the doctor had said not to let her do it and I was having to hold her hands all the time and she was fighting me. So, you might want to have someone with you to help on the drive home. The nice thing is that her eyes look good now — I just hope it lasts.

  4. Thanks so much, Jill.

  5. It's like her standing up was to give you hope and a reminder that she IS learning, even if slowly. God is good like that, to give us glimpses of the future.

  6. Loved seeing all the pictures and seeing Sarah on her new bike! I'll pray Claire's eyes stay better. I had eye surgery and wore a patch when I was little so I always sympathize with the children with strabismus.

  7. LOVE the bike picture! Happy Be-lated Birthday!! (((HUGS)))

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