Last night as I looked out from my front porch this is what I saw. Snow!
It was so pretty and the kids were so excited. Bethany tried to convince me to let her put on her coat, hat and gloves and her boots and go outside — just so I could take a picture of her, so she said. She knows how to play me, I guess. But, I wouldn’t let her do it — even for the picture. It was too late. So, as soon as everyone had eaten breakfast this morning, and Bethany had gotten her nebs and vest, I let those that wanted to play outside go out. Only Sarah, Caroline and Bethany went. There really wasn’t much snow and so the others didn’t think it was worth the trouble. 


They stayed out for almost an hour and then came in and changed into warm pj’s (because they were so cold) and then had hot chocolate. 

This is all the snow we have gotten this year and it wouldn’t surprise me if this is all we get. It was fun for an evening and morning, though. 
Tomorrow evening Bella and Sophia will be here, finally. It has seemed so long since we last saw them. I did have one family, that was traveling, contact me that she had seen my girls at the embassy in Bulgaria, and actually went up and spoke to them. It was so good to just hear something. She said Bella was all smiles but Sophia looked tired. Actually, the escort and our girls are probably at the airport in Sofia right now. It is so hard to believe that they are finally coming! They are almost here!


  1. I am so incredibly excited for you!!!! Can't wait for your updated after they are home!

  2. So excited that your girls are finally coming home! Can't wait to hear about it 🙂

  3. I can't wait for updated pictures of the girls and to see them with all their new siblings!!!

    Sue H.

  4. Welcome home!!!!!

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