The Dreaded Boom Box

Everyone at our house enjoys music, and quite a few play instruments, so it is not unusual to hear music throughout the day. But there is one thing we have come to dread  — the Boom Box! 
This past summer the kids went to Bible School and, as usual, really enjoyed it. Our music director knows how much our girls with Down syndrome love music and she gave us a CD of all the Bible School music for the girls to play at home — and play it they do — over and over and over! The same CD, day after day after day, and they want to turn it up sooo loud! It has gotten to the point we want to hide the Boom Box — really – or maybe hide the CD. 
I like the VBS CD just fine, but after hearing it incessantly, I’m ready for something new, but Sarah, Caroline and Claire NEVER seem to tire of it. Not a day goes by that they aren’t dancing and doing hand signs to the CD. I don’t understand why it still plays  — I’ve seen Claire rubbing it together with another CD and I actually saw her scratch it with an ink pen one day  — and I thought “YES” — it won’t play anymore! But, NO  — it just keeps on playing and playing! I have actually had to take the CD and limit the time they play it, as otherwise, it would actually play ALL DAY LONG! I don’t think the rest of us could stand it. 
I’m not sure I should be thanking our music director for being so kind. 
Here are a few random pictures from this past week. 


The kids enjoying their new drawing tablets.






Another visit to the Farmer’s Market





  1. Oh my I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one! We are still listening to our VBS music too….constantly! It's a great CD….the first 5,000 times! One of Oksana's "quirks" is that she will only listen to it in the car. I finally made a rule that she could listen to her music on the way to where ever we are going and then the rest of us get to listen to our music on the way back!

  2. Oh my goodness, I am so glad that my girls haven't thought of listening to it in the car ! I don't know if I could take it if I had to listen to it on car rides, too.

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