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More Sewing

The girls finished my bread dough cover and a dish towel and also a pretty towel to put in our bread basket to wrap our biscuits, rolls or bread in. I think they look pretty nice. Today Tess made me a linen napkin and now that it is done she is going to make a lot more. I think Bethany is going to help and Aria is dying to help but I wanted her to practice on another material first as she has not been sewing very long and I didn’t have that much of the linen. I guess we are going to the fabric store this week for a little more material and they might even make a few colorful napkins. I am really enjoying all this sewing – especially since I am getting so many things I really like and will use constantly.


I finally went out and got fabric for Bethany, Tess and Aria. All three of them have had sewing projects on their minds lately, but not fabric to sew with. Today was the day they started on their projects and I enjoyed just watching. Bethany made me a bread cover to put over the bowl as the bread dough is rising and I love it. The material has chickens all over it that Bethany found. Tess is working on her pillow case and Aria made a pillow for her doll bed, then realized we had nothing to stuff it with so we will be going back for that. Aria also made me a bread cover, but she said it is for Christmas because it is red. Evelyn and Liam were here and they also thought of things they wanted to make and Evelyn told me she now knows what she is going to ask for this Christmas and I guessed a sewing machine and I was right. She said she really wants a sewing machine with a sewing box full of stuff.

It was a nice afternoon as we all sat in the family room and the kids all worked on their projects. Bethany started a second bread cover – I want several with different patterns – and she has also cut out a piece of foam for the mattress for a baby bed for Aria. She will make a cover for it probably tomorrow. I think they will be sewing for quite a few days and they are already talking about all the fabric they need for more ideas they have.

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