Archives for April 2020


Yesterday, when we got up, we had butterflies. I was surprised as I was thinking maybe this weekend, but we now have 5 healthy butterflies and one that is not doing too well as he had trouble getting out of his chrysalis and has some issues with his wings and legs. We still have a few more we are waiting for. Everyone has really enjoyed watching them.’


We also got started on our garden bed, though we are pretty late. Better late than not at all, I guess. Andrew build the wooden frame and will be making the second one tomorrow as it rained all day long today. Now we need dirt and fertilizer and I need tomato plants. Everything else we are planting we have seeds for – though, again, I’m afraid we are a little late starting. I guess we will see what happens.


Waiting for Our Butterflies

The caterpillars we ordered have now turned into chrysalides and the kids are getting excited for them to become butterflies. I think we have about a week or less and then we will hopefully have 10 beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies. We do have a couple that did not hang onto the lid as they were supposed to so we just laid them in the bottom of our  butterfly garden. Bethany wants tadpoles after these and we are also thinking of a praying mantis egg since they would be good for our garden. 

Tess also made us some Snickerdoodle Cookies from the recipe book she got for Christmas. She  sure loves to bake. 

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