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Small Joys

Yesterday my grandson, Liam, brought me these flowers. Such a small thing brings such joy. 
I am also very proud of this girl. She has only been home from China for two years and just finished her second grade reading book. She is now in a third grade book! To think that she has had to learn a totally new language and adjust to a new country and then start doing school when she could not even understand what was being taught. She has done so well. She is now doing almost all of her school work on grade level. She has worked so hard and done so well and we are so proud of her. Tess is doing such a good job. 

Our Trip To Louisiana

Our daughter, Megan, had twins a couple of weeks ago and I decided that I would drive to Louisiana to see them. I took Sarah and Bethany with me as I didn’t really want to drive all that way alone. Megan has a special bond with Sarah as she took a year off from school and helped teach her. I’m not much on driving long distances, but decided I would make this fun and try to enjoy as much of the trip as possible. The girls were pretty good and didn’t complain or ask to stop very often. 
I think finding Cracker Barrel on this trip was one of the highlights for Sarah. None of us had ever eaten there and I saw one and decided to give it a try. Sarah absolutely loved it. She ate like she had not eaten in who knows how long. She barely talked. She ate everything on her plate and asked if she could have more. I liked it fine, but it is now Sarah’s favorite place to eat. She and Bethany played checkers on the front porch after lunch and that was nice as it helped break up the trip a little. We even bought one of their checker boards. 
Megan was surprised when we arrived as we didn’t even tell her we were coming. We knew she would still be at the hospital as Oliver was in the NICU. I was really glad we went. It was a nice time visiting with Megan and meeting the new babies. Megan was able to take both babies home the night before we left to go back to Virginia and that made me happy — knowing they were finally all home together. 
We got back last night and the weather seems a little warmer and I think spring is finally here. 
This is Oliver — he was the one in the NICU as he stopped breathing quite frequently. He went home on caffeine and a monitor. 
This is Penny and the one that the girls got to hold the most. Bethany said tonight that she wished she were back in Louisiana holding Penny. 
The lighting was just so bad in the hospital I turned these next two into black and whites. 


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