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Surgery for Piper

Piper had surgery today for a hernia and another minor problem. She was actually looking forward to it. She was scheduled to have it done last week and it was cancelled and she was quite disappointed. Then we got a call yesterday afternoon asking if we could be at the hospital today at 6:30 am. She was definitely in a pretty good mood. I tried to explain what they would be doing but it was a little difficult. It was a long wait before they took her back but she was in good spirits. 

She was not in such a good mood afterwards. She was not even interested in the popsicle they offered her. That is unusual.



She was feeling much better by the time we left the hospital. She even asked for a Happy Meal. She loves Happy Meals. 


I just want to say that we have been blessed today. Joey had his MRI done and there was evidence of shrinkage. What wonderful words to hear! We had been told not to expect any change on this first MRI and so to hear that there is some shrinkage was such a blessing. We don’t actually have any numbers on how much shrinkage, but it was evident that there was improvement. 
Thank you so much for all of your prayers and emails. Please continue to remember Joey in your prayers as he starts up a new round of chemo on Monday. 
Picture of both of his kids — age one and two, but soon to be two and three. I took this the other evening when we visited right before it got dark. 

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