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The Vest and A Few Other Things

A week ago Bethany’s vest machine died again. She has only had it 6 months. I like to document her hours on it each time she has to get a new one, but this one would not even turn on so I could get the hours off. He new vest arrived on Tuesday last week – the 1st of February and hopefully it will last more than 6 months. I really only write this so I have it documented as I try to keep track of each machine and how long they last and the hours she does on each one.

I have decided to put up another video from Sunday. I didn’t originally as we were having trouble getting it to upload. Oh, and we got a new piano at church and it sounds so much better. I told my son I didn’t realize how bad the other one sounded till I heard this one.

Caroline has been working on a painting she got for Christmas and finished it yesterday – It was a paint by number. She brought her picture to me and asked me to take a picture of it for her Sunday school teacher and I did. Thought I would post it here. She worked really hard on it and did a really nice job. She loves to paint and will sit at the table for hours and do it much to Sarah’s dismay.

And one other bit of news is we have a new granddaughter, Demi, who weighed 8 pounds 2 ounces.

Sunday Morning

The video is this past Sunday as church was ending. Then last Sunday Kennedy came to visit me. While she was here the kids made cotton candy and at first Kennedy acted like she didn’t want it to touch her mouth. I tried to give her a little bit to taste and she absolutely refused. Finally I gave her the whole stick and it took her a minute then she tried it. That was it. She ate all of it then wanted a second stick of cotton candy which we gave her. Then she was yelling she wanted more as she was leaving – but, for some reason Katie didn’t want her to have a third!

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