The Vest

I was hoping to get verbal approval this week, but we are still waiting – – maybe next week. Patience, Patience.

However, we did get something this week – – “the Vest”. It was delivered by FedEx and caused quite a bit of excitement at our house. Bethany had picked out a pink vest as that is her favorite color at this time. She couldn’t wait to try it out. Bethany has cystic fibrosis and we have been doing hand PT on her two to three times a day for years. We were waiting until she was a little bigger to get the vest and at almost six, we, along with her pulmonologist, decided it was time. We also waited a while as there is some controversy over which is best — hand PT or the vest. We knew that our insurance company would only help cover one Vest machine (the actual vest she wears can be upgraded in size as she grows). And, at approximately $16,000.00 a unit, we wanted to make sure we waited for the most up-to-date model.

Amazing how something new can be so much fun at first. After getting training from In-home Services, I hooked Bethany up for her first session, and everyone stood around watching while Bethany made animal sounds and sang songs that sounded hilarious because of the vibrations. Hopefully, she will continue to enjoy PT using the vest. Even though I know the newness will wear off, at this moment she thinks it’s fun compared to an hour of hand PT.





  1. Hi Sharon. We are adopting two little girls right now too. Kiki and Debbie. Our dossier will "hopefully" be translated by the end of this week and "Prayerfully" submitted next Wednesday. No one has given me these dates…this is my best guess going off of everyone else's time lines! Were you Submitted on May 2nd? Praying for you as you get closer to travel! I hope you get your verbal approval this week 🙂

  2. I don't know the exact date we were submitted as things were a little different because of the holidays. We were told that the MOJ probably didn't meet last Wednesday (not sure why),but did on Friday. So, I assume we were submitted on Friday and hopefully will get approval today. Your timeline sounds pretty much on target to me.

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  4. I just saw your post about The Vest! My daughter has CF also. We adopted her five years ago and we decided that we would get her started right away. She needed it desperately!! Just this past year we got her the pink vest. Your daughter looks beautiful in hers!!

  5. My daughter has been very healthy so I don't really noticed much difference with her vest yet, but we did think it was time. I am still doing some manual PT on her but she sure loves her vest right now! I am hoping that she will continue to think it is fun — probably no such luck, though. How old is your daughter?

  6. She just turned nine last week. She likes the way it feels and is/has been happy to do her treatments. Because of seasonal allergies she tends to get sick/allergy attacks about twice a year. I would like to keep her in a bubble…we just try to keep her as healthy as possible and let God do the rest!

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