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Sunday Morning

Then this afternoon some of the family came over and visited. It was a nice day though it could have been a little warmer.

This Week

We have had a rather slow week. We made banana splits since we were studying Pennsylvania and that is the home of the banana split. The kids definitely like it when we bake or make something when we study a time period or state or a book. I ran out and got all the stuff and then we made the banana splits and every single person except Sarah had one. Sarah is always a little cautious about anything new – even if it involves ice cream.

The kids spent some time painting this week which was nice as they haven’t done much painting or drawing lately. Tess is the one that actually got out the paints and paper and several followed. Tess usually says she is not very artistic, but I guess she felt the urge to be creative this week. Bethany is frequently drawing or painting.

I had a lot of visitors today and enjoyed my day very much. First Abigail, Jonathan and Shep came by for a while and as soon as they left Joey and Shannon and the kids came and then John, Juliana and their kids and finally Megan and her three. All the kids played outside and ate snacks – they always want a snack. I walked around the yard with John as he told me all the things he wants to do to make our yard nicer – plant fruit trees, make several gardens, build a chicken house and run, get top soil and level out the yard a little and Juliana even thinks we need to do a patio and add a firepit. I guess I need a lot done. Actually, all the ideas sound good and hopefully we will actually get a few things done this spring – especially, since John says he will do all the work. We have talked and talked about chickens and whether or not to get a few. John says definitely and Tess really wants some and says she will help clean the chicken house and bring in the eggs. It all sounds good, but I have not totally decided if I really want to do it. Sometimes I just think too much instead of just doing it. John is ready to start building so I guess I need to make my mind up soon. Maybe we will actually take the plunge and see how we do with a few chickens.

We always have a lot of deer in and around our yard. That is one of the reasons I did not bother to plant a garden last year as they tend to eat everything I plant – hope John has some good ideas as to how to stop them as they love our yard and everything in it.

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