The Past Week

I haven’t seemed to have anything to blog about. Not much new going on and I just haven’t been in the mood to write. I do need to ask for prayer for Joey. His numbers have never come back up from the last chemo treatment so his chemo has been postponed over and over. Now his doctor has decided that he needs to do it anyway – regardless of his numbers. So, he is starting chemo again this week and needs all the prayers he can get. He is already tired and has lost about 50 pounds and is just mentally and physically drained. This will be a hard week for him, Shannon and the rest of the family. I always worry a lot – my nature. So, please remember him in your prayers this week. 
I will just post some pictures from the past week and write more later. I have a lot of doctor appointments this week for the kids so that is going to keep me pretty busy. I am hoping to get to a store and buy the materials that Andrew and Bethany need to build a doll house. Actually, it will basically be Andrew building it for Bethany and then she will help paint and decorate – I think. They have talked about doing this for several weeks and I just haven’t managed to get out and get the materials. So, hopefully this week. 




The groceries arrived and Piper always runs to meet the car. The driver never has to carry anything up to the house cause the kids run the second the car pulls in the driveway. Thank goodness for home delivery in an hour when you can’t get out to go to the store!










  1. I have been wondering how Joey is doing, and continue to keep him in my prayers. Will pray for strength for him this week, to tolerate chemo well, and to show improvement.

  2. Thanks so much. This will probably be a really hard week.

  3. How did it go? I have been thinking of him all week!

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  5. Amazing! He just finished his chemo. Because of such poor numbers on his blood work for the past month his doctor had him do labs today. All of his numbers looked better! A lot better! This never happens on chemo week – usually things go down hill. Thanks so much for asking and thanks so much for your prayers.

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