What We Are Reading

We are reading two books right now – sometimes we do that. We read one during the day with our history since it goes along with it and the other one we read in the afternoon or evening. We are almost finished with Caddie Woodlawn by Carol Ryrie Brink. We really like this book and I’m sure most people have read it and know what it is about. This is the second time we have read it, but we do that all the time. Our second book is The Saturdays by Elizabeth Enright. We are also enjoying this book. At first I think the kids were uncertain if they were going to like it, but by the second chapter they said it was a definite winner. I think we are going to read the next book in the series after this one is finished. This book is about the Melendy family. The children decide to pool their allowances and then each one takes a turn doing something special on a different Saturday. Then there is a chapter about how each child spends their Saturday. It doesn’t really sound that interesting, but the kids do like it. 

Also, again, we got a special delivery from my older daughter. I say it all the time – big sisters are great. Megan, surprised us this week with a delivery of all kinds of ice cream, chocolate syrup, cherries, whipping cream, cookies, snack bars, burritos, lasagna, and so many other things. The kids are always so excited as they have no idea what kind of things she will pick to send. It is kind of fun to get surprise groceries for no special reason. 


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