What We Are Reading

We pretty much stopped school the beginning of June, though we will be doing a little school in July this year. We will probably just do a few short unit studies and we will, of course, always read and read. 

We have read quite a few books lately, but I will only mention two as I have gotten behind and don’t want to go on and on. We read The Curious Clubhouse by Christine Govan and the kids really liked this one. A group of neighborhood kids decide to try to find a clubhouse for the summer and to take their treasures there and store them away from home since they are constantly being told by their parents to clean their stuff up or get rid of some of their junk – treasures to them. They search the neighborhood and find an old abandoned house that would be perfect and the mystery starts. I think I just like books with clubhouses and abandoned homes and cottages that kids find in the woods, etc. I guess most of my kids are like me cause we have seemed to read a lot of books lately about old houses. We definitely enjoyed this book. It is a nice summer read. 

We are now reading The Middle Moffat by Eleanor Estes. We just started this book and it looks like the kids will enjoy it as they keep asking for me to read. It is the story of the Moffat family and in particular Janey – who wants to be called the Middle Moffat to distinguish herself from the rest of the family. She likes to think of herself as mysterious and does have a knack for getting herself into funny situations. This is a pretty easy, simple read but the kids do seem to enjoy it. We may try to read a few more from this series this summer. 

We have bought the ingredients to make homemade ice cream this weekend and and the kids are excited about that as we haven’t made any this year. We will do the vanilla first, but we just bought 25 pounds of peaches so I think we will also try to make some peach ice cream. We have peaches in all the kitchen windows getting just a little riper so we can use them – for ice cream and pie. I guess we will have homemade ice cream this weekend as we finish The Middle Moffat


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