So Much Rain

It seems to rain constantly. Daily. I love rain and sitting on the porch with Bill and the kids watching it and enjoying a storm. But, lately it’s just too much. Today Bethany told me for, I think, the first time in her life she was kind of bored. I don’t think I have ever heard those words out of her mouth before. We have all just been inside so much that I think we all are a little tired and bored. 
It didn’t take Bethany long to discover something to do and her boredom was forgotten. She hasn’t had her sewing machine out for quite a while and today she decided to make a doll carrier or snuggle or something like that. She found some fabric — it did have pumpkins and apples and autumn leaves on it but it was pretty and it was just about all she had. Anyway, she went to work making her pattern and drawing and cutting. She did a really nice job and was pretty happy with the end results. 
These pictures may look like it is nice and sunny but it had just finished pouring down rain. 



It kind of turned into a family affair with so many kids interested and watching. Tess decided today that she was going to ask for a sewing machine for Christmas so she and Bethany can sew at the same time. Then Sarah said she wanted one, too. I can see this idea snowballing. 
After the doll carrier was finished we decided to make some cinnamon swirl bread — one more thing to do on this rainy day. It was a success and enjoyed by all. Hopefully, it won’t rain everyday next week. 


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