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What We Are Reading

We have been reading a lot this fall especially since it seems to rain continuously here. We had planned a pumpkin painting with pony rides and animals last Sunday and it rained and rained and we had to cancel. Now we are supposed to have it tomorrow and again – rain is in the forecast. The kids are so hoping the forecast is wrong and so am I. 

I will just mention a few books we have read lately. We read Rainbow Garden by Patricia St. John and that is a favorite here. We do tend to read books more than one time. It is the story of a little girl, Elaine, that is sent to the country to live with a family while her mom is traveling.  Elaine is not pleased with the arrangement and does not like the children or the country at first, but she does make some discoveries that help her change her mind. She ends up loving the country and the Owens family and wants to stay there forever. It is a sweet story and every one of us loved it. 

We also read Squanto – Friend of the Pilgrims by Clyde Bulla. I don’t think I need to really give a description of this book but the kids did enjoy reading it. 

We are now reading Haunted House by Peggy Parish. We have just about finished it. We chose this book because it was close to Halloween and the kids thought it sounded like a good Halloween book and because one of my readers suggested this author. I don’t think we have actually read any of Peggy Parish’s books so I was glad for the suggestion. The kids are really enjoying this book and we will finish it tomorrow. This book is about a supposedly haunted house that the Roberts family just bought and are getting ready to move into. After they move in the kids realize that something weird is going on at the house and they try to figure out what it is and if the house is haunted. 

This next week we will start a new book and I already think I know what we will read – an old friend that we all love. But, I will wait to share as I could change my mind. 


This Week

 We have been finishing up our history unit this week and one of the books we read to add a little extra interest to our studies had a gingerbread boy recipe in it so, of course, the kids wanted to make the gingerbread. We made it and it was a little messy and took awhile as it had to be chilled and the kids were impatient to get it out of the refrigerator and start rolling and cutting, but they had a lot of fun. 


Then on Thursday we were surprised with a delivery of Chick-fil-a from big sister, Megan. This is one of their favorite meals so they were thrilled. I keep saying it and it is so true – big sisters are the best. 


After lunch on Thursday we all loaded up and went apple picking. It was a great day and we got lots of apples for pies and all the other things the kids will think of to make. 


Then today we made an apple pie. We started late so only made one and will probably make a few more things tomorrow. I actually forgot to load the pictures of the kids making the pie so I will have to skip that or do it later – maybe tomorrow. It was a good week. 

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