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The month of September was a big reading month for us. I used the Mark-My-Time bookmark and kept a record of all of our reading hours. It is kind of fun to do and I felt pretty good about this past month. We read 48 hours and 16 minutes. That did include a lot of fall books and books on pumpkins and short stories that we usually don’t read or even count on our Mark-My-Time bookmark. But, I counted them as it was reading. 
Other than all the short books and short stories we read several chapter books in September. We read The Borrowers by Mary Norton — they loved this one. We also read Thimble Summer by Elizabeth Enright which was recommended by one of my readers. We also liked that one. We have read several by Elizabeth Enright and I think we have loved every single one of them. We also read Magic Kitten by Sue Bentley and Song of the Brook by Matilda Nordvedt and Secret In The Maple Tree by the same author. We had read both of these books before, but the kids wanted to read them again. We also read Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder which we liked better than some of the other Little House books. We had actually never read it which surprises me. In between all these we read our fall books about pumpkins and Thanksgiving and leaves, etc. Then we read some short stories that I won’t list. We had a good month. 
I have reset our Mark-My-Time for October and will keep track this month also. We are actually starting two books right now – one we read during the day and one at night. 
I found this picture of Piper and Tess I took back in October of 2016. They had only been here 9 months and I think they both look so much younger. 


  1. You may already know that there are FOUR sequels to "The Borrowers"! The first sequel is "The Borrowers Afield", that tells what happened after they had to leave their first home. Wonderful books – and check out "Bedknobs and Broomsticks", also by Mary Norton, about English kids who become friends with a sweet elderly lady who just happens to be a good witch. It also involves a flying bed that takes off for faraway places when the bedknob is turned a certain way and a wish is made. Good Hallowe'en season reading!

    Have fun – glad you're raising readers who enjoy some of the old favorites. Elizabeth Enright is a splendid writer and also a favorite of mine.

    Susan in Kentucky

    Retired Children's Librarian

  2. Thanks so much. I may check out “Bedknobs and Broomsticks “ as it does sound fun. I am always looking for interesting books to read to the kids and it’s a real bonus if I like it, too. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. Good luck – I think it's out of print, sadly, but interlibrary loan or an online vintage bookshop might provide a copy. Also try the British title, "The Magic Bedknob" – same book, different name.

  4. Found it on Amazon – used, of course.

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