What We Are Reading

We have read several short books this year. I usually keep a record of all the books we read aloud each year in a notebook, and then in January we start a new notebook. So far this year we have read 26 Fairmount Avenue by Tomie Depaola, Here We All Are by Tomie Depaola and we are now reading On My Way by the same author. I have ordered all the books in the series and we have decided to read all of them. There are only six from what I see so far. Most of the kids really like these books and they are rather interesting so I don’t get bored reading them. A wide range of kids seem to be able to listen to them and enjoy them and that is really nice. Sometimes I feel like I am reading to just one or two kids as the book just doesn’t seem suited to everyone. 
I bought a bookmark from Barnes & Noble that actually keeps track of how long you read. You can just push the start button and it keeps track of your minutes and hours. It is kind of neat and we decided to use it to just get an idea of how much we read in a month. So far this month, we really haven’t read much as we have been so busy getting things done after Christmas and getting everything put away. But, according to our bookmark we have read two hours. Not too bad, but I think we usually read a lot more. We will continue to keep track of our reading times just for fun. 
Things have settled down now and all of our family has returned back to their homes. Joey is back on chemo and is doing ok — but, very tired and sleeping most of the time. That is pretty normal for his chemo week. Please remember to keep him in your prayers. 
This evening Abigail asked me if I wanted to take a walk around the neighborhood. It sounded fun and I could use the exercise. So, I grabbed my camera — to make it more interesting — and we walked. It was pretty light outside when we started, but by the time we got home it was dark. We had a nice walk and I took a few pictures — mostly of houses. It was nice as many of the houses still had candles in the windows and lights and decorations outside. So, tonight I will just post a few of the pictures from our walk since they are the only pictures I have taken in the past couple of days. 

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