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Benefit Concert

The benefit concert went really well on Saturday. We had a good turnout and my son, Michael, played a variety of music – from Ragtime to Rachmaninoff. I was so proud and grateful that Michael cared enough that he took the time to do this concert for us. As I watched him play, and then looked around at my children, I again felt so blessed – – Bethany resting on me, Claire with her head resting on Bethany, Sarah signing “I love you” to Emily (because I told her she better be QUIET), and Caroline and Sarah giving each other little smiles. It is a beautiful sight to see my older children and little ones all together supporting their brother. 
A love offering was taken and $1,860.00 was donated for Bella and Allysen. I was astounded. I never dreamed that people would be so generous. I am so thankful. We have truly been blessed.


We got news today that our dossier should be submitted to the MOJ next Wednesday. If it is, that would be wonderful. I’m starting to feel pretty excited now and travel doesn’t seem that far away. There is another family traveling next week to the same orphanage that Allysen is in. They are hoping to be able to see her. If they are allowed to see her, they said they would take some pictures for me and try to figure out what size she wears so that I can buy her some clothes. I am so excited about this as all I have of Allysen is one very old picture.

As for fund raising, we have come up with the idea of a benefit concert. My son, Michael, will be performing a piano concert at our church this Saturday, the 28th. A love offering will be taken, and all proceeds will go towards Bella and Allysen’s adoption.

We have a pretty small congregation at our church, but we are hoping that some people from the community will come. I’m very thankful to my son for doing this for us, and also feel very blessed that our church was so willing to allow us to do this. They have even worked on our behalf to promote the event.

As usual, here are some pictures:


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