Last Thursday Sophia had surgery on her right leg. It had become tighter and more twisted over the past year and she used it very little. We are hoping the surgery will make a difference — though the surgeon did say that the leg might start to twist and tighten again as it is a brain thing. 
She really doesn’t like to go out places so waiting at the hospital for her surgery was hard. We had to be there at 6:30 and they did not take her back until 9:30. While we waited in a small room she yelled loudly and made lots of noises — she was not quiet for even two minutes. Really. It was hard as I didn’t want to disturb other people. I was feeling pretty stressed trying to keep her quiet — knowing nothing I did would make a difference, but feeling like I had to try. As I was sitting with her trying to calm her down a man walked over to us and told Sophia that she was a good girl and gave her a dollar. Such a small thing but it actually made me feel better. I felt like he understood. 
They finally took her back and Abigail and I went and got coffee while we waited. We were called a couple of times to let us know that she was doing fine. Then we got the call to go to the recovery room. She was awake, but fussy. She wouldn’t drink and refused anything even near her mouth. The good thing was that the nurses seemed to understand that she was NOT going to drink for them or cooperate in any way — so they just said to take her home and try to get liquids in her. They let us leave immediately. Sophia was so glad to leave. She was pretty quiet the entire ride home. 
She had a bad day or two even with pain medication but now she feels fine and is pretty much back to normal. She can’t move around at all, though. The cast is heavy and her right side is her weak side so there is no way she can pick the leg up or move it much. But, she seems to have adjusted to it. It has been a hard week for her.



  1. It's so hard to go through something like that with a child that doesn't completely understand what is happening. I'm glad to hear she is doing better now :).

  2. Poor little girl! The pictures of her tear at my heart – she looks so confused at what has happened to her.

    I hasten to add that I know it was necessary, and I am glad she had the surgery. I hope she makes a quick recovery, and that it will help her gait and quality of life.

    Meanwhile, does she have a favorite doll or Teddy who might also wear a cast for the duration??

    Hope she is a happier little patient soon…

    Susan in Kentucky

  3. She actually doesn't care for dolls or stuffed animals. She might hold one for a minute but then she will throw it across the floor. She does seem to be feeling better this weekend.

  4. That must be so hard for her! We can't explain to our daughter Mercy either. Prior to us, when upset Mercy had learned to scream, so now they take her in early and give her something to sedate her. I'm always glad!
    How long will she wear the cast? Must make diaper changing a challenge too.

  5. I'm not sure how long she will wear it, but we will probably find out today as we have an appointment.

  6. I hope she is feeling better and better. Beautiful, sweet girl.

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