Archives for January 2024

A New Baby

Today our daughter, Abigail and her husband Jonathan, had a baby boy. He was born this morning and I was there to see him enter the world. He is a beautiful baby and Abigail did an amazing job. It was a beautiful day – though many of us were very tired. Another grandchild.

A New Year

Well, we finished our 24 days before Christmas and then I took a rest. We had a really nice Christmas day. I think everyone really enjoyed it. Poor little Kennedy wasn’t feeling her best as she had been sick and was still really tired. But, I think she still enjoyed the day. It was just nice with family here and eating and talking and opening gifts. One pretty exciting thing happened to me. My son, Matthew, and daughter, Katie, went in together and bought me a new camera and battery grip. That was a real shock. It is a beautiful camera and I love it. I am busy setting it up and reading a little about it. I know I am going to love taking pictures with this camera so much.

I had meant to post a picture from our church service on Christmas Eve, but I didn’t even load the pictures for probably a week. So, I’m just going to post one of Bethany, who was Mary – the other kids were not in it.

Oh, and soon we will have more exciting news. Our daughter, Abigail, is having a baby in a couple of weeks. We are very excited.

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