A Baby Shower

On Saturday we had a baby shower for my daughter, Abigail . Abigail is due the end of May and is having a baby boy. I have been planning this shower for weeks, but still felt rather behind as the day approached. The kids were really excited and Aria actually thought a baby shower was when you have the baby so she was pretty excited that the baby was coming. I asked her if she had ever been to a baby shower or heard of one and she said she had not so I guess she just heard us talking and thought Abigail would be coming over to have her baby. She was a little disappointed when she realized it was just a party where Abigail got gifts for the baby.

Saturday was super rushed as we ran around getting stuff together and I could not have done it without Emily. She came and helped me do everything – actually, did a lot of it without me as she is better at arranging food and getting things together at the last minute than I am. Meredith also helped with ideas for decorating and what foods to get. Then Joey and Shannon helped with the things that needed to be done around the house – mulching, putting up new blinds, etc. So, I had a lot of help.

I think it turned out nice – low key and just mostly family and a few friends.

We played the string game where you have to guess how big her stomach is and her sister, Katie, got it exactly right – sad for my granddaughter Reagan as she was only about a half inch off and was sure she was the closest.

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