A Baby Shower

On Saturday we gave my oldest daughter, Meredith, a baby shower. She is due in two months and is so excited as is everyone else in the family. Emily came home from school on Friday evening to help decorate a little and help finish any last minute shopping we needed to do. I felt so rushed and worried as we have been redoing all of the cabinets in the kitchen and everything was a real mess. On Saturday morning there were paint cans, sandpaper, rollers, brushes, a sander, trays, and tools and hardware all over the kitchen. The doors were not on the cabinets, nor were the drawers together and back in place. I had no idea how we would get everything done. My husband called my oldest son to help. They worked all morning and most of the afternoon and actually had all of the cabinet doors and drawers put back on. We also got all of the mess cleaned up just in time for the shower  — literally. I was exhausted more from worry than work.
It turned out nice and I think Meredith had a good time and she got lots of little baby things. She even had one friend come all the way from Georgia for the shower. It was a fun time with friends and family, and a blessing to me to see all of my girls, except three, together celebrating with their sister and sharing her excitement. The pictures tell the story. 
Wondering who will get here first  — Bella and Allysen or our first grandchild, Reagan. 
The Guessing Her Tummy Size Game




Four Sisters Side by Side













  1. Your family and home are so beautiful!!

    I was wondering — would you mind doing a "who's who" of the kids? So many gorgeous faces — I didn't even realize there was a Meredith or an Emily!

  2. Sure, I will do that sometime. I don't usually have my older kids on the blog unless we have a family event as they don't live at home anymore. Emily did go to visit Bella and Allysen with me though, so she was posted with both girls quite frequently back in June.

  3. Sharon,

    All your girls are beautiful! It looks like a wonderful shower and I love the colorful food and treats.

    Sue H.

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