In Allysen’s Region

We arrived in Allysen’s region today. Her orphanage is very near the sea and we walked down to it for a few minutes. We haven’t had much time to see the area but here are a few pictures from today’s walk. Tomorrow morning we go visit Allysen’s orphanage. I am so excited about finally seeing her.








  1. The sea is absolutely beautiful. Is it warm? I love the candy shop pictures.


  2. Oh wow – that is so familiar!!!! I doubt you will get this in time… but if you have a chance to ask if they ever found Jordan's photo album, we would sure love to have that. It's blue and cloth (for a toddler) and we wrote his name on it in Bulgarian. His Bulgarian name was pronounced: "Yordan Ivailov Ivanov"
    Isn't that part of the world gorgeous!?

  3. Sue, it is very nice temperature wise. I would say lower 80's.

  4. We are leaving for the orphanage now. I will certainly ask about it!

  5. so excited to follow along and get to see the area and the orphanage! I'm going to email you as well 🙂 Hope your visits are wonderful…

  6. Oh, Wow! Absolutely beautiful!

    Looking forward to hearing all about your first visit.

  7. I can hardly wait for more pictures.

  8. Hey! I am curious if you have a lot of subscribers to this journal?

  9. Actually, I'm not sure how many people subscribe by email so I have no idea if we have many or few.

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