A Few Pictures From This Past Week

We haven’t done much this past week and today it rained most of the day, but I have a few pictures to post.
This was Luke’s first week here with us and the kids have loved playing with him.
Andrew doing some schoolwork on the front porch since the weather was so nice.
Bethany still plays a lot in her outdoor kitchen. She planted a garden and it is actually starting to show signs of growth. She may have some flowers this summer.
We also planted a flower garden up next to the house. We didn’t do a very good job and we were rushed to get it done, but I am hoping that something grows. Right now it is just dirt and not even nice smooth broken up dirt. Maybe in a couple of months I will have pictures of some beautiful flowers — or maybe not.
Asher and Reagan came to visit one day and I only took a couple of pictures. It is nice that the kids can go outside and run and play when they come over. Asher plays on the steps which worries me cause I always think he is going to fall — but, he usually doesn’t.
Bella continues to be a delight to all of us — almost always happy. She will be in her second dance recital in May. 
It was a beautiful and warm week. This next week there is a lot of rain in the forecast so we won’t be outside as much. So glad spring is here.

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