This Past Week

This will be short but I wanted to get my pictures up. This past week we finished school, and celebrated a little by making ice cream sundaes and the kids had lots of free time. Tess also did dinner again for us on Wednesday night – tacos. She loves making them and we all love that she does. It was a nice calm week. I think we all enjoyed it and we were glad to slow down a little.

This week we have a few appointments and Tess has oral surgery. Tess’s surgery is on Tuesday morning and I think she is a little nervous. She has to have two teeth removed. She has two teeth growing in under her two front permanent teeth and the surgeon said they could damage the nerves of the teeth already there. So, he will go in and remove the extra teeth. Hopefully, it will be easy and she won’t feel too bad after surgery.

Also, Bethany and Tess went to Kings Dominion amusement park this past week and had a lot of fun riding and eating.

And last of all little Shep had his first birthday! He is so adorable and it is hard to believe how big he is now. He had a great day and looked so sweet.

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