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We just finished a really good book and one we have never read before – A Place to Hang the Moon by Kate Albus. This was a great book. We didn’t know what to expect as I just randomly chose it hoping we would all enjoy – we were not let down. Anna, Edmund and William are three orphaned children that have to be evacuated from London during World War ll. They are relocated to the countryside with the hope that they might find an adoptive family. However, they live with several very unpleasant families before finding a place they felt they could be happy. William is the oldest and has the stress of being there for the younger kids and taking responsibility as the leader of the family. This is hard on him, but he always does the best he can trying to be brave and not letting on that he really just wishes he had someone that he could lean on and depend on to take care of him and his siblings. This is a very sweet story and we all loved it. I wish we had known about it when we studied WW ll earlier this year.

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