What We Are Reading, Caramel Apples and Down Syndrome Awareness Month

We had a nice weekend and this past week was a good week for school and reading. We finished reading When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit by Judith Kerr last week. I think we all enjoyed this book more than we thought we would. It is about a Jewish family in the 1930’s that had to move from Germany when Hitler came into power. They moved to Switzerland and then later had to move to France and then England. It really helped the kids understand what it was like to live in Germany as a Jew and to have to move from country to country and feel like you didn’t really belong anywhere. We read this because of our WWll studies.

We also finished Meet Molly, Molly Learns a Lesson, and will finish Molly’s Surprise tomorrow. I’m sure just about everyone has read these American Girl books and knows what they are about. We chose Molly as these stories tell a little about what was happening on the homefront during WWll and even gives a little history at the end of each book. These are so easy, but still interesting to read. We have enjoyed all of them so far and will continue and read all 6 of the books.

We decided since it was fall we would make caramel apples. Not sure how they would turn out as I’m not even sure if we have every made these before. They actually turned out great and we are planning to make them again this week.

October also happens to be Down syndrome awareness month and so I thought I would add a picture of Caroline, Sarah and Claire. They were outside in the front singing and acting out something as I took the picture. They do love to sing and they do love to be together.

And lastly, Kennedy, is staying with us this week while her mom and dad are on vacation. She has been about as perfect as a child can be and the kids just love her being here.

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